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Bus Information

Transportation Mission:

Glenbard Township High School District 87 will deliver a transportation system that:
  • Makes Student Safety Its Top Priority
  • Is Reliable & Consistent
  • Minimizes Student Time on Bus (to best of our ability)
  • Is Customer Friendly
  • Is Cost Effective
District 87 utilizes a state of the art software program that provides routing and mapping capabilities that optimizes our transportation network: Routing efficiencies that result in reduction of route times & number of routes (and related costs); Improved communication tools including on-line information for parents/students; reporting capabilities and more.

Student specific bus route information is available on-line, on your schoolís web site.  Note:  Bus routes may be different from one school year to the next as routes are re-evaluated.
Transportation Partners:
First Student Inc. provides transportation for: daily a.m. and p.m. routes; daily routes to Technology Center of DuPage (TCD); athletic and extra-curricular routes and after school routes for students participating in activities.   

Hopewell Transportation provides transportation for our students with special needs.

Free Bus Transportation Eligibility:
District 87 students are entitled to bus transportation at no charge if the student is a resident of School District 87 and lives 1.5 miles or more from the school that he/she attends.  

The only exception to the distance requirement is if the studentís path to school is through a serious safety hazard as defined by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  There are currently eleven designated serious safety hazards throughout District 87 as follows:

1)  Park Boulevard to Route 53 on McCarron Road;
2)  Route 53 Near Wilson Street;
3)  Route 53 Corridor
4)  Five Corners located at Geneva Road & St. Charles Road;
5)  Army Trail Road & County Farm Road
6)  Ahlstrand Road to Butterfield Road
7)  Riford Road to Eastern Avenue
8)  County Farm & Woodhill Drive
9)  Roosevelt Road & Surrey Drive
10) Main Street, south of Roosevelt Road, west of Highland Avenue
11) South of Roosevelt Road, east of Highland Avenue

Students whose path is through a serious safety hazard are eligible for free busing, even if they live less than 1.5 miles from school.

Families can click on the Bus Route Icon (below or above) to determine their studentís eligibility for bus service and details regarding their studentís route (stop location; a.m. pick up time; p.m. drop off time).


Optional “Fee Based” Bus Transportation:
The District 87 Board of Education policy allows District 87 students that live less than 1.5 miles from school the ability to ride the bus on a fee basis.  This optional fee is $300 per year, per student for the school year. There must be capacity on the bus and the student must be transported from an existing route and existing bus stop.  A request form must be completed and presented to District 87 Director of Transportation for review and approval prior to student ridership.  The fee must be paid in advance.  The form is available by clicking here.

Bus Transportation I D Requirement:
District 87 students eligible to ride the bus will be required to display their student I.D. to the bus driver upon entering the bus for both the AM and PM routes.  Students not able to produce their ID will be required to receive a temporary pass from the Deanís office to ride the PM bus.  The first temporary pass will be excused, however any additional temporary passes issued will result in a Dean intervention.  Students are encouraged to get the temporary pass from the Deanís office during the school day to assure they will be able to ride on the normally scheduled PM bus.  If the student does not present a temporary pass in time to make the normally scheduled bus, they will have to wait until the 4:00 PM bus and present the pass.  Students will be responsible for riding their designated bus.  Bus drivers and school administrators will deny requests for students to ride other routes than previously assigned unless pre-approved by the Deanís office.  

Questions regarding your studentís busing can be directed to your respective school siteís Assistant Principal for Operations (APO) or the Districtís Director of Transportation, as follows:

Glenbard East:  Kurt Johansen, Assistant Principal for Operations, 627-9250 Ext. 1201

Glenbard North: Eric Johansen, Assistant Principal for Operations, 653-7000 Ext. 3201

Glenbard South: Jim Cuny, Assistant Principal for Operations, 469-6500 Ext. 4201

Glenbard West:  Linda Oberg, Assistant Principal for Operations, 469-8600 Ext. 2201

District Office: Bob Verisario, Director of Maintenance, Grounds and Transportation, 469-9100 Ext. 2868