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We are happy to announce that during the summer, incoming freshmen will participate in our iPad rental program.

Instructional Technology Strategic Plan
Our Instructional Technology Strategic Plan, which the Board of Education approved, accelerates student learning by leveraging instructional technology to enhance instruction. It ensures that our mobile learning program continues to lead us toward engaging, interactive and hands-on learning environments that are expected in the 21st century.

iPad Information
Battery Life Tips       

Glenbard rental plan:  Your student will rent his/her iPad from Glenbard and use it 24/7, 365 days a year for his/her schoolwork and personal learning projects.  The $189 annual rental fee includes the device, case, insurance and technical support from our technology staff.    At the end of the 4th year of rental, ownership of the device will be transferred to the graduating student’s family, if the student's account is paid in full.
Key Benefits of Rental:

Onsite Tech Support
Students participating in the rental program will have direct access to on-site technical support within the building during normal school hours.
Non-Glenbard owned devices are not eligible for support.

Easy Insurance Claims/Coverage
Repairs and replacement of the technology device can be costly.  Participants in the rental program receive insurance coverage as part on their annual fee and expenses are limited to a fixed deductible fee for the repair/replacement of the iPad.  For more information on insurance coverage click here for details.

Access to Loaner Devices
Loaner devices are available under the rental program if your student’s device is out for repair they will be provided with a loaner iPad to use until the device is repaired and rreturned to the student.

Dedicated For Student/School Use
Even if a family already owns an iPad they should strongly consider the rental program for their student.  Having a device that is strictly used by the student for school work will avoid any issues with their access to the learning tool at any time. This also avoids any issues with shared content, school appropriate applications and/or other issues that may arise from allowing multiple people access to use a shared iPad.

Digital Curriculum/ Applications:  In addition, families will be required to pay an $85 digital curriculum/app fee to cover the costs of digital textbooks, novels, workbooks, and district-provided applications.

Students in the iPad rental program will receive their iPad and training in the summer.  You will receive a letter in the summer.